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Village in Rwanda. What do you want in a charity?

You have been blessed and now feel the need to give back. There are many charities out there, and some do great work. However , if you are like most people now days, you don’t feel like giving to anything because everything is a scam. Or at the very least, only a small percentage of the money that you give gets through to the people who need it. Well we believe you should do your homework before giving to any charity, including ours. But first you should be touched by what you are giving to. Consider what your money can do. How it can help the most amount of people and not only today but tomorrow as well.

Children of Rwanda. Who should get your money?

How about using your money for the most in need. People who are at the lowest point in the world and through no fault of their own. People who are willing to work or be educated but the government is unable to provide these services. People who live in a country that has been torn apart by a civil war. A country that the world has forgotten about.

Imagine walking 2 miles every morning for water, just to live. Gardening for your own food and hoping to make it through every winter.

Cows that were donated. How can your money keep on giving?

By using your money for projects that improve the rebuilding and infrastructure of a country, each generation will benefit from your donation. In fact, in the case of the cow project, because cows reproduce, your donation will go on and on and multiply. What a great gift! Or in the case of the water project, generations of people can use this gift.

How can your giving be verified?

The greatest thing about life lifting hands is that your gift can be verified. Let’s take for example you buy a cow for $200. First, you should know that the whole $200 donation will go towards whatever project you requested and nothing else. A picture can be taken and sent to you of the exact cow and recipient with your name displayed. Here are a few examples:

Group DonationIndividual Donation
Encouraging Global Giving!  Mike William's Cow!

Waiting around for governments or the UN to spring forth and help out humanity could be a long wait. Humanity must look out for humanity.